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Gone (But Not Forgotten)

lizzie starlight pointed arch top rectangular mirrors with neon blue lights radiating light on the back of them hanging on each of the adjacent walls in the bar. On each side of the bar there are also floating shelves in the middle of both mirrors and hanging from the ceiling two metal chandeliers light up the room

Remembering the Hits

What we do and how we work is distinctly DDA – a leveraging of artistic ingenuity and business acumen. Our passion is to design hotels that are recognized for their creative and distinctive styles and proven by their success and profitability. With over thirty years of experience, there's quite a few great projects in the vault. Remembering some of our favorites...


lizzie starlight bar and additional seating surrounded by a panoramic window view of the skylight
Lizzie Starlight Lounge | San Francisco, CA | 2020
lizzie starlight hallway featuring a large mural of Queen Elizabeth with lights shining warm hues on the canvas and to the right of the mural is a sculptural wall illuminating purple and blue colors in the room
Lizzie Starlight Lounge | San Francisco, CA | 2020

Leveraging artistic ingenuity and business acumen...

... to design experiential, narrative experiences...

villa florence guestroom twin beds with a mural on the wall of Freddy Mercury and Kurt Cobain
Villa Florence | San Francisco, CA | 2020
villa florence guestroom blue patent leather couch and a black and white photograph of a man holding up a rock and roll hand sign on the wall
Villa Florence | San Francisco, CA | 2020

... That inspire playful creativity and critical conversations.

the grand hotel lobby featuring at front, a lion sculpture laying in the middle of an ottoman, and to the back wall is a long electric fireplace with a black stone mantel and a mural of the colosseum
The Grand Hotel | Minneapolis, MN | 2012
Outlier restaurant dining seating in front of an installation of beer bottles in the shape of the number 12 in Seahawks colors
the fontaine lobby featuring the glass window entry way and a large portrait of a woman on the wall

Great Design is Great for Business...

Gemstone International Resort restaurant featuring dining tables and skylight windows with flower installations hanging from the ceiling
The Gemstone International Resort | Wuyuan, China | 2010
hotel sorella lobby front desk with a blue crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling
The Fontaine (Hotel Sorella) | Kansas City, KS | 2009
sir francis drake meeting area featuring a grand piano, decorated high ceilings, with a gold chandelier hanging above some seating by the fireplace mantel
The Sir Francis Drake | San Francisco, CA | 2010
alderbrook lobby featuring a glass fireplace installed in the stone wall in front of the armchairs and wood tables in the lounge
Alderbrook Hotel & Spa | Hood Canal, WA | 2005

... We are Distinctly DDA.

Hotel 1000 large indoor fire pit with a metal cylindrical hood and a metal mesh curtain surrounding the hood. Around the perimeter of the firepit are armchairs and additional seating in the lounge
Hotel 1000 | Seattle, WA | 2006
Hotel 1000 metal bamboo art installation in a glass display in between two flights of stairs and illuminating from the back wall of the stairs are blue lights shining through the wave patterned wall panel
Hotel 1000 | Seattle, WA | 2006
Kimpton hotel vintage seattle red tulips in a glass vase behind three black top hats lined up in a row on top of a console table
The Vintage Suites | Seattle, WA | 1997