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Installed in Washington D.C.

Hotel Zena

hotel zena fig leaf bar surrounded by table seating and up above hangs a wooden light installation of a serpent. On the walls, portraits of women by various female artists are displayed along with a large installation of Ruth Bader Ginsberg by artist Julie Coyle

Celebrating Female Power in the Heart of D.C.

An experimental fusion between an interactive art gallery, community gathering place and restaurant lounge. The space is designed to celebrate female empowerment through subtle, curvilinear architecture, paired with a provocative collection of feminist art from around the world. Every curve leads the guest to another moment of potential discovery… and critical conversation about the ongoing fight for gender equality.


hotel zena lobby pastel pink and grey chairs surround an industrial glass dining table hanging from the ceiling.  Behind the table, a hyperrealistic red apple mural is hung on the wall
hotel zena fig leaf bar seating surrounded by a wall filled with feminist pins

An original experience designed to ENGAGE and INSPIRE...

... A fusion of interactive art gallery, neighborhood hub and high style...

hotel zena lobby reception desk featuring heels of all colors and materials displayed in the glass case of the desk
hotel zena wall of printed sketches of women figures around the world

... Guests engage with a community of Artists standing in solidarity for female empowerment.

hotel zena outdoor pool with wood cabana, lounge chairs, firepit, and woman light sculpture is displayed to the right of the pool

A space that is INCLUSIVE, WARM, and INVITING... Inherently FEMALE.

hotel zena outdoor fireplace in the middle of an abundance of outdoor seating
hotel zena close up of the woman light sculpture near the outdoor pool
hotel zena sofa and hand painted abstract mural by Rose Jaffe
hotel zena close up of Rose Jaffe's mural displaying abstract figures holding each other hand in hand

A new kind of hotel experience that takes a stand in the FIGHT FOR EQUALITY.

hotel zena living room adjoined to the suite room featuring a grey loveseat, a pastel pink and greige arm chairs
hotel zena guestroom nightstand with a column to the right displaying a graphic of a greek goddess
hotel zena bedroom in the suite featuring a butterfly mural running up from the bed headboard to the ceiling. To the right, hangs a mural of a woman posing in the dark and sitting below that on top of a dresser is a leaf vase sculpted in the shape of a woman's hips